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Fantasy Sports Trade Association * Tampa 2019

Posted: 2019-01-26 09:32:10 (CT)    [ 136 views ]

I want to give Kudos to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association for several things that were apparent and announced at the Convention in Tampa in January 2019.  The staff did a great job of preparation and leadership.  

First, it was very apparent that FSTA wants to remain a leader in integrity, values and societal improvement, protecting the Fantasy Sports industry and membership.  

Second, the association feels a responsibility to lead in protecting the membership and sports in general during periods of change such as in the political arena responsible for decisions and laws concerning gaming and how Fantasy Sports fit within it. 

In fact, in order to remain a leader, they must allow gaming to be part of the organization.  For that reason they took the step to become Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association.  This will allow them to have a respected voice in the political and sports communities. 



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