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Message of the Day

Women's D-1 Basketball Scores in Early Season Campus Tournaments:

Several scores and Home/Road designations print out on our College VMI's in the wrong order during the Early and Campus Tournament schedules.  This is due in part by NCAA re-designating a visiting team to be the home team for the finals in the tournament.  When our providers pull the daily schedule prior to the NCAA flipping the home team, then even though the scores on our VMI display are there and the two correct teams are showing in that box, sometimes they print out in the wrong order.  This will happen from time-to-time.  Double-check the score and home/road designation on any display of ours that doesn't fit the way NCAA designates these campus tournament finals.  

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OUTSIDE THE BOX by Clifton Neeley
JUST A LITTLE BIT OUTSIDE: One way to promote college basketball, especially women's basketball, would be to use tried and true concepts from other leagues.  The NBA has a lottery to allow one of the bottom teams to select first in the NBA draft.  This provides both interest from the public and an advantage to bottom teams to help them build toward additional parity.  So, if we provide a lottery--obviously not based on players--but, based on the university and the sport...

The 3-Point Shot in Basketball

Extreme differences in Barometric Pressure can cause players longer 2-point and 3-point attempts to be too long or too short by several inches.

According to the Noah's Arc "basketball shot analyzer" creator, "at the best arc (45 degrees), the shooter has only 1-1/2 inches of room between the edge of the rim and the surface of the basketball."
Basketball VMI tracks the teams', every game day, and displays a team index for your analysis.

We are not tracking the tiny ups and downs of the air pressure, but the exposure of the players to the big ones as they travel to different arenas.  BasketballVMI provides you with a daily index a day or more ahead of game-time so that you can identify performance issues for teams and individuals in advance.  The "Team VMI's" listed within our reports identify changes in the shooters' "feel" to launch a basketball the precise distance to make the shot.  See for analysis of the "perfect shot."

If a perimeter shooter misses, or makes more shots than normal for him, the rebounders from both teams will be affected by greater or fewer opportunities to increase their scores, as well.  

By adding our index to your formulas, you will soon be able to identify certain teams, players and VMI's that give you an advantage no one else has.

Remember for Today's Games: You must be logged in to your account to view Today's or Tomorrow's VMI or PWR Index on the NBA or NCAAB pages.


Yesterday's Matchups (12/07/2023)


Team ( VMI / Power IDX )
New Orleans ( +8.11 / 3.4 ) @
LA Lakers ( +12.88 / 33.6 )


133   Home Win
Indiana ( +6.14 / -86.2 ) @
Milwaukee ( +10.26 / 276.5 )


128   Road Win

The VMI Index  

Changing Elevations Creates Extreme Differences in Barometric Pressure.  This Causes the 3-Pt. Shot to be Long or Short by Several Inches, and only 1-1/2 inches off-center toward any edge of the rim will create a potential miss.

A minus index number such as minus 2.5 means the perimeter shooters on this team will tend to shoot a little short in today's game.  A larger index number, such as a minus 10.25 means a shot will tend to be shorter yet.  

A plus index number, such as a plus 5.0 means the perimeter shooters on this team will tend to shoot long in today's game.  A larger index number, such as a plus 15.0 means a perimeter shot will tend to be longer yet. 

The VMI Power Index

The VMI Power Index is built from games performed within today's unique VMI Range for both the home team and the visiting team.  Games played within other VMI Ranges are eliminated from the power indicators, so you see the historical results from only those games played within today's VMI Range of +/-5.99.  You will be able to view both the VMI Index and the Power Index on all the game match-up displays.  Both will be visible in parentheses following the team name.

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