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Defensive Rebounding Analytics

Posted: 2018-11-19 12:38:16 (ET)    [ 17 views ]

As most or all of you know, defensive rebounding is a huge factor in winning basketball.  However, in the NBA the teams are extremely capable in all aspects of the game, so it is difficult to determine in advance the probability of a quality performance by one team or another.

We are going to attempt to provide you with a tool that may help.  It is in the works and should be available sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

Theoretically, if a particular team will be adjusting to the three-point range, more so than the opponent, then the team whose VMI calculates more closely to "zero", should have more opportunities for defensive rebounds.  

Keep in mind that a team with a VMI of 6.00+ or - will be at least one full inch off target on longer shots until each player gets fully adjusted.  We are aware that some players adjust more quickly than others, but the team as a whole may not adjust early enough in a game to keep the "Defense" from ample opportunities for rebounds.  

If one or more of the starters do not adjust quickly enough, then the defensive rebounding normally tips the win.  We will try to keep you informed as to when we may have the data and the output available to you.  


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