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Posted: 2023-03-09 07:54:00 (CT)    [ 472 views ]

For Members of VMI:  The first and second rounds schedule is completed for Men's and Women's VMI's for tournament and campus site for both NCAA and NIT games beginning the 14th through 19th. 

Facing an underdog with a zero VMI plus a W-L record of 50% or better should be scary to the favorite during both the Regular Season and Conference Tournaments.   During the NCAA Tournament--the first games at every location will be where the VMI is largest for some teams, and many upsets will occur.  When winners emerge from those regional locations and travel to new and unique venues, other upsets could occur.   Remember, it will take about two games in the same or similar venue in terms of elevation for a team to reach zero VMI.  This is because shoot arounds will help establish the 3-point and longer 2-point shooting touch and will provide additional confidence.  However, for those stronger teams who face a weaker opponent with a zero VMI, a season-ending game will occur before the stronger team reaches a zero VMI.

At this time, it appears that a greater than 7 VMI is still the biggest concern, and minus VMI's are more of a concern than are the plus VMI's, because shooting too long allows the player to relax his/her shot a little whereas a minus VMI requires the player to force the shot a little more.  However, something that is becoming more apparent are the smaller VMI's at below 4 are a bigger concern for shooters than previously thought.  Again, the minus is a larger concern, but at these small ranges, the player most likely is struggling to figure out what is wrong and how to fix it.  The touch is just too sensitive to fix easily.  Watch out for the small minus VMI's against a zero VMI team. 

At Basketball VMI:

...We follow each D-1 Basketball team’s schedule, identifying where the team played and the elevation of the arena.  Since the altitude, temperature and humidity at game time affects how freely the ball flies through the game time air density, the players must adjust their shooting distance by various unknown amounts from a “minute” differential--to a greater amount of force, in order to center the longer shots into the rim.  Any amount over 1-1/2 inches is significant enough to cause a miss which can cause a Bracket Buster.

We not only track the teams’ schedule as to the location and conditions, but then we apply an index called the Visual Memory Index which tells you whether the shooter will begin the day shooting longer than necessary or shorter than necessary and by what estimated amount.

Yes, it does take some reading to understand the VMI tracking system, but it provides a provable insight into the game that is highly affected by the three point shot and the longer two point shots.  Most sports enthusiasts are aware that the football field-goal kick travels further at Denver than at other stadiums, but many have not applied that understanding to the longer shots in basketball.  We have several years of statistical performance data on professional basketball and are now venturing into Division I college basketball.

Many disciplines are involved in this premise; The Physics of Basketball travel, the Psychological impact on players, Physiological impact on players moving into and out of higher altitudes, Statistical analysis of three-point shooting, and many others you may be interested in.

Contact us if you would like to do your University project on Division I basketball statistics and impact--paired with our Visual Memory Index.  


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