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Three Point Shots by VMI

This report should reveal some aspects of why certain teams struggle to perform on the road and others, not so much. Talent is certainly on display here, as well, but keep in mind that the high "Plus" VMI's identify the team's or league's long shooting percentages when they first transition into Denver, Utah and maybe Oklahoma City, Atlanta and Phoenix. By selecting a team, you are looking at what their own percentages are, when they shoot 3-pointers in those venues, based on their recent transitions.

The high "Minus" VMI's identify the team's or league's 3-point shooting when they first leave Denver, Utah or other higher altitude locales to play in venues closer to sea level.

Naturally the more games they play within similarly located venues, the less the VMI identifies. As the season progresses we should begin to see additional separation because the shooters become more comfortable in their own home arenas and similar venues.

(Note: Since each game has two VMI's, one for the home team and one for the road team, when "ALL" teams are selected, the number of Games are doubled.)

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