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The VMI Power Index

This is an overall rating carried over from the previous season that will adjust to the new players during the first several months of the new season.  It is displayed here in the "Game ADI's" ahead of game time, so you can see quickly which team has adjusted better to overall performance within each environment. It should apply universally to all individual players on this team.  This Power Index differs from other power ratings in that it is derived from similar travel situations and reflected through the ADI and VMI ranges.  As is true of all power ratings, this one will strengthen as the season progresses.  It is calculated from each teams' previous effectiveness rating within the VMI range--both offensively and defensively. 

Caution! Remember, both high negative VMI's and high positive VMI's are not as good as low numbers in terms of team 3-point shooting in the upcoming game.  This VMI rating is not as in baseball.

The team VMI is the first number within the parenthesese after the team name and the Power Index is the 2nd number.  Within your formulas for future performance, you should add this and begin by applying approximately a 15% weighting to your overall formula and adjust upward or downward as the season progresses. 

Daily Game Time Air Density Index (ADI) 

*this is your Detailed Matchup

As a member, you can now access (by Log-In) both the  ADIs and the shooters' VMIs for today's games and tomorrow's games.  *If you are not a member you will see only yesterday's games.  The ADI affects the ball travel distance by holding it back or lesser air resistance freeing the ball for additional flight; therefore, the shooter's accuracy is affected.


Team ( VMI / Power Index) Matchups Hg ADI
Minnesota ( +12.73 / 64.9 ) @ Denver ( +5.33 / 331.8 )  25.17 46.74
Indiana ( -3.11 / -33.6 ) @ New York ( -1.79 / 119.0 )  30.12 70.39
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