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Members see more than history. Get today's ADI's and VMI's
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What Your Membership Provides


Introductory AccessFirst, the team VMI's on the Team VMI's page will show data for tomorrow and the current day as well as history.  Non-member displays of that page begin with yesterday's data.

Second, on the Game ADI's page, you will see Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday's ADI's for all the game match-ups.  Non-member displays of that page will only show game match-up ADI's for yesterday

Lastly, as team statistics grow for this season and beyond, we will be presenting analysis pages that compare VMI's & ADI's to team statistics including 3 Point Shots, Field Goals, Free Throws, and Rebounds.


Your membership price is $9.95 per year.

Prices will not change during the season.

We do not sell or release information on members. We do not renew memberships automatically.

Enjoy the benefit of knowing ahead of time which teams will be shooting closer to target and which teams are still adjusting to changes in ball flight distance.

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