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Database Gaining Steam

Posted: 2018-11-11 09:28:27 (CT)    [ 98 views ]

For those of you who are watching for new and additional information, the VMI database is being built.  You can now see the results of all games which have been played by date for the 2018-2019 season.  

Each game adds to the database from which our reports will be built.  You can see the results of games by selecting "Daily Matchups" under the "Reports" menu.  

The dropdown list allows you to see the team results for:

1) three-point shooting

2) field goals

3) free throws

4) offensive rebounds, and    (previous math issues with this report now repaired) 

5) defensive rebounds

Shortly you will be able to see results by team and by all teams within each VMI range, similar to the reports for MLB teams.  Once those reports begin to show up, you will be able to identify what amount of adjustment is negligible and also that which is formidable.  


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