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The 2018-2019 NBA Season - VMI

Posted: 2019-04-30 08:47:11 (CT)    [ 95 views ]

The NBA is a unique league for sure.  Home teams are extremely dominant.  One player can and does make a huge difference.  Separation among the top teams is very minute.  If any team has three top players, they are most likely a championship team.  Recruiting aside, it is difficult for the bottom-dwellers to make much of a move, and therefore difficult to unseat those championship calibur teams.  

I have been keeping an eye on the VMI for the past 10 to 12 seasons as it relates to three-point shooting.  I was unable in the past to determine much more than Denver and Utah must have a big man and must be able to run the floor in order to be competitive in the NBA.  It is difficult to attract competitive players when shooting is periodically a problem.  

This season, our web developer agreed to take on the challenge of providing automatic tracking of each team in the NBA as relates to the ADI and the VMI.  With a full season of data, we can now begin to provide some analysis within each VMI range.  Is the home team advantage related to the change in barometric pressure, or is it more related to the physical differences in the venue, or does the home crowd produce the energy necessary to make most teams much more competitve at home?  I'm not sure we have the answer yet, but the VMI appears to line up as an equal measure to the venue and the home crowd argument.  

For the 2019 - 2020 NBA Season, and hopefully the Division One Final Four, we hope to have an advance "Today's Match-Up" for each game.  If nothing else, it should provide a small separation that causes one team to win by no more than a point or two.   We will be using the data that we have gathered this past season and add the new data daily to reflect the new team players as soon as is possible.  Looking forward to providing you with a new "Power Ranking" to give you an advantage in your persuit of perfection in a tough league to manage. 






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