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VMI Power Index for 2019 - 2020 Season

Posted: 2019-06-16 16:43:29 (CT)    [ 1359 views ]

      Congratulations to the Toronto Raptors            * NBA Champions 2019 *

New for 2020

You may have noticed that we added a small feature to our Game ADI report which displays "Yesterday" -- "Today" -- and "Tomorrow", which is intended to give you some insight to shooting within new environments or "when" there should be no outside influences on the game. 

We have added a (Power Index) next to the VMI for this report and for the Daily Match-Ups report.  The Game ADI report is the only report that shows future values.  Non-Members can see Yesterday's report, but one must be logged in as a member to see todays and tomorrow ADI's, VMI's and the new Power Index. 

This Power Index will differ from day to day based on the VMI of the team.  It is calculated from each teams' previous effectiveness rating within the VMI range--both offensively and defensively.  Of course, we had to wait until we had at least one full season of data before presenting this, but there are teams that have not played within the extremes of the ADI, so some data will periodically be unavailable.  However, if it is true that barometric pressure affects shooting, then an accumulation of the data from year to year will remain valid.  

Since the Power Index reflects only the performances that occured this season within a particular VMI Range (each range is normally in increments of five) then for one to about three seasons, there will be no data for particular games.  We will be considering reports that will be revealing from time-to-time. 


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