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Why is the Power Index Opposite the VMI?

Posted: 2019-11-28 08:28:30 (CT)    [ 452 views ]

As many of you may have noticed, the VMI tends to remain in opposition to the VMI PWR IDX.  So what is the PWR IDX all about within the confines of the VMI website?

The Power Index that VMI has created is much more similar to a standard power index anyone else might expect.  It is derived from the performances of the team in scoring, 3 pointers, defense, rebounding, team chemistry, coaching and some other mental factors. 

Where it may differ from others, it also changes from game to game based on the previous performances within a range of VMI's.  In the early portions of the season, the new players for each team will naturally change the historical performances, so it takes awhile for the team to settle into a rhythm within each VMI range and also within their home environment. 

Conversely, the VMI is fully based on the shooting expectation from previous exposure within the ranges.  It is purely a physical difference in shooting distance. 

So, here is what will happen as the season progresses:

1)  The teams will settle into their home shooting environment sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

2)  Once they become more used to their home environment than they are to summer and pre-season basketball, then road environments will become a bigger issue in their shooting performances.  While we have already seen some issues with shooting in Denver and Utah, we have also seen some pretty good performances there. 

3)  By January, only the teams who are well rounded in rebounding, fast break, and field goal shooting will continue to survive. 

As the season progresses the VMI PWR IDX should become stronger within the unique VMI ranges and the VMI should point out more exceptions from the normal shooting percentages.  Will the two start to come together?  I'm not sure.  As we gather more data within each VMI range, the winning percentages and the shooting percentages should become more accurate, but rebounding and fast break teams will always be dominant in that particular game. 

Of course, watch out for Sitters. 



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