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VMI Power Index

Posted: 2021-07-09 07:57:25 (CT)    [ 754 views ]

We did not originally intend to create a website to compete with anyone else in Professional Basketball data analysis.  We knew all along that Basketball VMI would not make other data analysis websites obsolete.  

Our goal for Basketball VMI is to ascertain if the variable density of the air, that is; when the altitude the arena sits at is higher than sea-level and experiences barometric pressure daily changes, plus being at indoor temperature and humidity levels, affects the flight of the three point shot enough to inhibit winning in the NBA. After two full seasons plus the "bubble" in Orlando data collection period, we now know the truth.  Yes, it does!

This website was created to allow you, the interested party, whether you participate in analysis, wagering, or fantasy sports to see first hand, the development of that proof in data form.   Why? Because no one has ever tackled this issue, yet everyone who observes, plays, coaches, owns, or manages basketball knows that the air is thin in Denver, Colorado (and now Utah) vs the balance of professional NBA teams.  If the football kick flies further in Denver and the baseball home run travels further in Denver, then why would anyone not realize that the baskeball does, as well? 

So, at this time, we are still the "best kept secret" in basketball data analysis.  Fantasy players and bettors would love to find something that no one else has to add to their own data and accuracy percentages.  This would allow them to rise in the ranks of the best participants in the world.  However, those players are human, so they tend to take the path of easiest resistance, and therefore embrace change very reluctantly. 

Charles W. (a member of BasketballVMI) recently wrote:   

"This technology is tremendous.  The great thing about the technology is that the value is in the odds and not just all games played. Yes Vegas is seriously good but so is vmi. The winning percentages is even higher when you look at just home games of odds 250 and below. I like the detail matchup of the website,. Yeah the individual player stats is very difficult to keep track of. I’ve developed a system of that nature"...

So, certain people have found ways in which to profit from additional data by adding it to their own studies.  This is the intent of the website; to provide those players who want to actually work at being really good, to find the best kept secrets even on the public websites available.


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